Soaking It Up – Podcasts

I was lucky enough Thursday evening to meet a small cohort of extraordinary people via the friend who originally put me onto the The China Study.

I spent the evening soaking it all up, like a pup loose in a seal colony, and finding some surprising points of similarity. One of those was an interest in podcasts.

Which reminded me that I’d been meaning to write something pointing to some favourite podcasts, and a couple that were mentioned, and new to me.

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Healthier Eating via Embarrassment

chapati bread with avocado lettuce tomato and garlic
chapati bread with avocado lettuce tomato and garlic

For the last year or more, in an attempt to make up for past excesses,  I got fastidious about diet.

The excesses are a back-story for another time. Enough to say for now that apart from quaffing way too much, I’d been a smoker for years. So in addition to low-level neurosis, I was below-par physically.  The ( even ) older version of me was in for Grim Times.

So when a friend loaned me a copy of T Colin Campbell’s  The China Study it lit a spark. The back cover quotes The New York Times’ reaction – to the original study – which it says ” …  can be considered the Grand Prix of Epidemiology…”.

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