Breakfast of Champions – and me

Kurt Vonnegut made famous the phrase Breakfast of Champions by using it as a title for a 1973 novel.

On the other hand, this is nothing more grand than a delicious breakfast recipe for a wannabe champion.

It’s served me well during my recent regeneration from smoking sloth to run-of-the-mill runner.

Not only is it good for me I also feel feckin good after eating it, which confirms for me that there’s no gremlins ( dairy, saturated fat, added sugar ) inĀ  it. And, it keeps the tanks full all morning.

So being the generous ( ok, ok, drum-beating ) chap that I am, I’m sharing the ‘recipe’ here. Following are the ingredients;

  • half to one cup of wholemeat rolled oats
  • half to one ripe banana
  • a dozen or so prunes
  • sesame seeds to taste
  • a handful of raisins / sultanas / cranberries / berries to taste
  • 2 – 4 tbs chopped nuts
  • chia seeds
  • ground cinnamon
breakfast of champions
Breakfast of Champions


Cook the rolled oats by adding water to cover, and doing bursts of 40 seconds to 1 minute in microwave on high power. Add water as needed. It’ll take at least three ‘bursts’ of cooking. During the last ‘burst’ add the bananas and prunes. Both will juice-ify, creating a natural sweetness.

Add the rest of the ingredients. Mix. Eat. Enjoy. Cover leftovers and refrigerate for tomorrow.

Warning: Will help you lose weight. May involve quick visits to the bathroom for the uninitiated. That just means your digestive system is all to feck, and it needs repairing. Three to four of these breakfasts and you should be fine.

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