A(nother) long haul ?

It looks like I may again be abroad for a longer haul than expected.

At the prompting of an earnest friend, a check on the MIQ berths this morning showed full houses right through to December.

Which is hardly a surprise, but it means that there may be more “working” than “holiday” going on.

Of course, the travel bubble may get re-inflated in September, which would mean no MIQ on return. But right now, that seems less likely with a cluster of covid cases in parts of Queensland, including one yesterday in Cairns.

So there’s a bit of “head down, arse up” going on.

Alongside the morning bike rides around the beautiful Cairns waterfront, and generally enjoying being thawed out.

The territory issues in the flat have worked themselves out, thanks to the generosity of Hamish, and all is dull and plain sailing.

Ho hum.

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