Day 5 – Bundaberg to the Sunshine Coast

Good morning Bundaberg
Good morning Bundaberg – 5.30 a.m.

Bundaberg to Sunshine CoastNow, on the second-last day of the Migration, I have this thing down pat.

Even if it involves another morning jump-start. This time I approached a likely-looking customer also sporting the Queensland uniform – shorts and singlet – and walking his dog. Turns out he’s 60, and has retired to his boat. He’s living on the river right now, and is heading south soon as spring comes on.

And so, no, he doesn’t have a set of jumper leads.

The riverside carpark, desolate earlier, is now beginning to buzz, if not swarm. A chap in a hurry for his coffee is happy to stop and futz around, and help me on way. Destination the Sunshine Coast.

Hervey Bay

But first, a pit-stop in Hervey Bay for a quick dip. It’s windy , and almost cold , but not quite. And just say ‘Harvey Bay’, otherwise they’ll know you’re a Kiwi.

Tin Can Bay

A longer detour than expected then found me in Tin Can Bay, probably lovely with the tide in, as you see below.

Then it was back on track to make up some time. First, back to the main trunk,and then through some windy , lonely, and hot forest roads, trusting that Google knew what it was doing.

It did, and n hour-plus of “focussed” driving got me to Noosa Heads, with vague ideas of finding a beach and parking up.

First, in a feeble attempt to get some relief from the heat, a quick stroll in Noosa, near town;

But on being reminded that today was another of the Queen’s birthdays, and the beaches were full, I headed to the Sunshine Coast.

There, more driving around in circles followed, until I found somewhere to park up for the night. Nearby a river, and public toilets, and an arterial route. Far enough away to dull the noise.

And it was goodnight from me.

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