Old dog, old tricks

I finally got it together to pull some old tricks in the New Place.

The dodgy looking … matter in the bowl is my first successful Vietnam attempt at almond bread / cake. Ingredients are pretty simple – baking powder ( mixed myself from baking soda and cream of tartar ), a duck egg, and almond flour, or ground almonds.

It soaks up anything – I could use it to mop the bench – and is healthy and satisfying.

In today’s case, it’s on the menu with the crockpot dish above. That’s Basa fish, red peppers, pak choi, and carrots. Here’s the directions – throw the veges in with some water, bring to the boil, let cool, add fish. Maybe some salt. Simmer. Forget until hungry.

At chow-down time, I’ll usually add coconut cream, and maybe turmeric, but today, I’ll be sampling it with said almond bread.

Phwoar !!

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  1. Hello O’Neill, wow, that there looks good enough to eat, I could certainly be tempted to have a lashing! Im guessing its satisfying but dosent leave you with a big lump sitting in the belly…
    I see you’ve found a local coffee haunt…whats youre favourite style? I’ve gone back to good ol fashioned italian dark roasted beans. With a lashing of full milk cream, it dosnt leave you ‘searching’ for its flavours…hits you smack in the face. A couple times a week is my quota though, unless…hehe

    Cheers, Jeremy

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