Urban Legends & Fake News

Urban legends are stories spread by word of mouth. Apocryphal stories.

That is,  stories which may  or may not be true,  but have a ring of truth.  And they’ve become so widespread that they’re generally accepted as true. The modern equivalent would be Fake News, but back in the day they were urban legends because – I guess – stories spread faster in cities.  Both are spread by the fastest medium of the time.

I won’t be yapping about Fake News,  or bothering to siphon through vast interweb sewer-pipes to point out what’s fake,  and what isn’t. Following those rabbit-holes leads to madness. Cynics would say that ‘news’ now falls under both categories anyway. But, I will make passing comments on news here and there.

Mostly,  I’ll be writing from a personal point of view, on topics which interest me. Maybe they’ll interest you enough to become widespread “rumours”.

Hellfire and Broomsticks

Isn’t it amazing what ‘righteous’ Christians believe, and are capable of, when they’re convinced they have the infallible Word of God on their side?

The idea is nothing new to me, or to many others, but  Sam Harris‘  The End of Faith, has rammed it home lately.

In it, Harris details some of the more “transcendent level[s] of cruelty” achieved by the Righteous in medieval Spain. Continue reading “Hellfire and Broomsticks”