Usual Hunting Ground

market haul
Clockwise from top left: avocado ( 20k ), cucumbers ( ~5k ), 10 duck eggs ( 28k ), puto rice cakes ( 8k ), homemade pork luncheon ( 22k ), tomato 3k. ABSENT – 2 x coconuts : 18k.

Back in the usual Van Kiep, Nha Trang, hunting ground, I stocked up a little for the last week here.

The above haul at the local market, 3 minutes’ walk away, cost 100.000 ( Vietnamese use periods [‘.’] for thousands rather than commas [,] ) dong, or about NZD 6.70.

I could live on this –  if variety were no issue – for a couple of days.

Power Cuts

In totally unrelated news, and no doubt as a personal ‘welcome home’ from the city Government, just for me, there is no power in the neighbourhood today. All day, til 5pm. Ulp.

This happens regularly, under the label of ‘maintenance’, and suburbs around the city take it in turns.

The usual time is 4 – 6 hours, but today’s outage will be especially challenging for the lack of air-conditioning in the heat after the respite of the cool of DaLat.