I gone dunnit – I’m bound for Adelaide on December 14.

Putting aside the usual dithering and doubts, I’ve booked the plane trip.

The usual doubts cast a longer shadow because life here in Brisbane has been ( almost too ) easy, thanks to the continuing generosity of a friend from school-days.

Of course, it may be a huge mistake. But the plan was always to migrate south for the summer, and Brisbane is becoming too .. tropical, especially overnight. Plus, there is no beach here within sniffing distance.

And longer-term, I want to avoid becoming too flat-footed.


After a snafu with airbnb, I resorted to Facebook to find digs.

It’s possible somebody up there likes me. Someone from the group messaged me, and I have a ‘booking’ for a shared flat near Moana Sands, about 40 km south of Adelaide.

It’s “5-10 mins walk to beach, shops, railway station and library”, according to the owner.


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