Contrary to rumours, I do sometimes escape my cloister.

This time my ( generous ) hosts Roger and Karen took me seeing the sights of Brisbane, from the South Bank.

There are acres of public space running alongside the river.

In case I need to say it again, the larger Australian cities I’ve seen on this trip have spent much money and time on creating beautiful outdoor public spaces.

Then to Mt. Gravatt Lookout, and home.

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  1. Hi Duncan, Dave and Wade here, been good just taking an easy browse of your excursion north and south of Cairns. Videos are all interesting and yet we can see the topography ain’t going to vary much in the 2000 km span you covered, in the same way as NZ will in such limited space. Oz is vast and to see the whole road-trip all the way round the whole coast will be a trip we’d sure you would love to make. Who knows, it may happen before you have the chance to get back to NZ comes about. Managed isolation complications being what they are, maybe you’ll have the time to walk.

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