Demons, Drought, and Bullfeathers

By Carl Wyant

“Sceptical?” piped up the old-timer. Of course I’m flamin’ sceptical ye addlepated mudfish!” –

“Aye, but it wasn’t always so. I was a dour and solemn presbyterian from birth onwards, and bar the whisky, gossip columns, loose floozies and muckraking, a devout one too! But all this changed suddenly in the winter of ’94, twenty years ago, when Auckland was struck by drought. Continue reading “Demons, Drought, and Bullfeathers”

Apropos Of Everything – A Love Letter

By  Carl Wyant

Dear Cottontail,

Carl Wyant
Carl Wyant

Since I last wrote everything has become unbearably complex.

But first let me say how nice it was to get your last letter, and of course, the 8 by 10 glossies of your recent photo shoot for Pet Of The Month.

 I’d been thinking about you before your letter arrived, which isn’t too surprising considering that you drenched my dictionary in perfume so that every time I used it I’d be reminded of you.

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