Demons, Drought, and Bullfeathers

By Carl Wyant

“Sceptical?” piped up the old-timer. Of course I’m flamin’ sceptical ye addlepated mudfish!” –

“Aye, but it wasn’t always so. I was a dour and solemn presbyterian from birth onwards, and bar the whisky, gossip columns, loose floozies and muckraking, a devout one too! But all this changed suddenly in the winter of ’94, twenty years ago, when Auckland was struck by drought. Continue reading “Demons, Drought, and Bullfeathers”

America – still ‘the Greatest Country on Earth’ ?

Now that a man many have called a clown is running his Oval Office Show,  how much less might we hear the old line,  “America – the Greatest Country on Earth”?.

Aside, that is, from wealthy ‘liberals’ who claim to be leaving in Trump’s wake,  and American Democrats unable to stomach the loss.  There are no doubt many others mulling over –  at least in private – whether the Orange-haired One is a signpost on a downhill road. Continue reading “America – still ‘the Greatest Country on Earth’ ?”