Just because you’re paranoid….

… doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

It’s an old line, but it fits. A colleague found this Friday on a high-profile jobsite;

That’s my job, in case you missed the point. And, they’re hoping to replace me with two teachers. And there was me thinking that the long hours I was putting in to cope were all down to inexperience and ineptitude.

Maybe a little, but managing 400+ students over 15 different classes, and six different year-groups is not trivial. Of course, many teachers do it, but some probably have years of experience, and are working in their home countries.

So I’ve had enough of the grind. Just today finished totting up course marks over those 400 students. It should be time for a breather, and so it is for many teachers at work.

But, with the axe handing over my head, I now have a dilemma. Do I cruise and wait for it to fall? And hope the school honour the notice specified in the contract, or pay in lieu?

OR, do I pull the plug myself, and head for greener pastures in, for example, Vietnam?

I’m looking, but for all I know the decision may be taken out of my hands tomorrow. Watch this space.

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