Cruise Control

Easy days here right now, and none too soon.

The stress of setting and then supervising exams is over. I’m officially at work, but there’s nothing I have to do today.

Time to futz about with my new install of the Linux mint operating system on the laptop. Hydrating. Warming myself. And suchlike.

Exams – Setting

Setting exams was a drama. I’d earlier set tests for some classes, so assumed it was just rinse and repeat, with extras.

Wrong. After the first drafts, my Thai co-teacher tells me the fonts, format, and nearly everything else is wrong. I’m given a list of requirements.

Take two. I rewrite, to be told that the HOD has vetoed the exams for reasons which remain fuzzy.

I’m due for an in-class assessment by the HOD, so I assume I’ll be able to clarify things then. But when the HOD doesnt show for the scheduled class, I start job-hunting as a backup.

TWO days after I send a detailed explanation of events, and basically asking ‘what now?’, my Thai teacher tells me my exams have now been approved.

Apparently, there were machinations in a department meeting. It’s all very mysterious.

But that decision gives me the impression I’m a truckload more secure in the job than I been.

So my exams will be held in my scheduled class times ( easy work ), as compared with …

Exams – Supervising

The past three days have been spent cooped up like chickens watching students sit other exams.

Two days of four-hours a day in a room with no air-conditioning, swilling water to try to compensate. One day of the same with air-conditioning.

Light, tunnel

Today, I’ve done my time supervising, and get my rationed relief.

Tomorrow is a day of supervising my exams with my regular classes. The same for several days next week.

And Monday is a holiday. It’s the King’s birthday.

Long live the King.





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