A Day In The Life

Since I’m on holiday, I thought it would be in order to go ‘hog wild’.

Alright, alright, maybe chicken wild is closer to the truth. I’ve loosed the purse strings a little, and decided to enjoy my few days in Pattaya.

But before I go into that, here’s the street scene from my routine morning coffee. Times two ( ‘eek neung gao’ – ‘just one more’ ), and make it strong please.

Below is the scene;

Maybe the caffeine sharpened my eye. Whatever, on my return to RL Residence I spotted the wildlife below.

Not one to be easily fooled, I figured this to be a feral monkey.

Later in the day, I decided took a trip to Koh Larn ( island ). While it may seem exotic, this was actually the bugdet option. I considered Ko Samet ( island ), and Phuket, but decided to keep the purse-strings a little tight given the job situation.

Here’s the scene from the ferry ( 30 baht );

I’d booked a hotel earlier, and finally discovered it after hiring a bike and weaving down streets the size of footpaths.

The room was passable, functional.

I settled in and made the required trip to the local beaches.

The two I visited were spectacular scenes, but to be honest, they were filthy by New Zealand standards. Islands of trash ( mainly plastic food wrappings ) floating in the water, seams of the stuff stretching up on sand. And while the water seemed clean, that’s not really a safe bet given the crap innit.

From the dozen or so beaches I’ve visited in Thailand, this is pretty much par for the course.

If beaches back home were in this condition, there’d be outraged National Party supporters marching in the streets, and never mind the Greens.

Tomorrow – Tien Beach.

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