English Program Teachers

Eep, just found this English language page ( choose ‘Englsh Programme’ Dropdown ) with mugshots of all ‘RayongWit’ English programme teachers.

It looks as if they’ve ordered the mugshots first by seniority ( first two ) , and then by age.

As you can see, it’s an odd bunch of loners and ne’er-do-wells. Of the Causasian faces, all are American except myself, Rosie ( English ), and Edoardo ( Italian ).

The rest are Thai teachers, and about half a dozen Filippinos, many of whom have been at the school since Forever.

There is, apparently, a lot of enmity between the NES and Filippino teachers. Both cohorts teach in English, but the NES teachers are much better compensated.

Below is the original version of my mugshot. This is my attempt at looking professional in a pass-around school jacket three sizes too big.

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