Stubbies, rugby shorts, and jandals

rugby shorts - stubbies - 2017

Above is a scene from this week, at the supermarket – note rugby shorts.  Below are scenes from the 1970s – note the stubbies.

Some people never learn.

Stubbies 🙂

Posted by Leon Johnson on Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A public place

The supermarket is hardly a social occasion,  or the catwalk. Sometimes it’s more like a dog-show, or a police line-up.

But it is a public place, somewhere on the scale of busyness between downtown at rush-hour and a pub at opening hour. It’s not your backyard, or the beach, or a kids’ sports game.

Way back, I imagine fashion mavens would have been sniffing down their powdered noses in royal courts with a “sacré bleu”.  This here is a modern Dads’ version.

I’m not saying tweezer yer nose-hairs and wax yer eye-brows before going supermarket shopping.

But there’s plenty of blokes who with a bit of effort manage the summer shorts t-shirt and sandals outfit fairly well.

So please leave the rugby shorts at home, and warn me in advance if you’re wielding them to a gathering.



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