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[UPDATE 22-12-19, Timeline Nha Trang…]
This post has become cancerous, growing all over the place but doing nobody any good.

So here’s the latest: after jumping through all the circus hoops for one online outfit, I’m finally getting online teaching work!

Pay isn’t great, $10 US/ hr, but during the last 2 days I earned $85 sitting on my couch. The platform is Bibo Global, and it’s mainly giving lessons chatting to Japanese adults with pre-prepared material.

Of course, I haven’t been paid yet. But counting chickens ( the company is large, and I assume wouldn’t survive if it was a total scam ), if my booking rate continues as is, I should just be able to support myself from wherever.

Watch this space. Below is the cancer.

In a never-ending story of swings and roundabouts, I was cock-a-hoop the other day when I got the shoulder-tap from a nearby language school.


because I’d just stood through another lengthy lecture from my Aussie neighbour about finding work in this town.

Apparently it’s a painstaking process, a case of getting to know the locals, etc. Never mind that I’m targeting business looking for native English speakers, and therefore foreigners.


when the message came through, they wanted me for a Monday 10 days hence. Hardly regular, or enough to buy groceries for a day or two. But, beggars and choosers, an,d it might reap future benefits.


several days before that a Facebook friend had set me up with a meeting with her boss, a lecturer at the local University.


he wanted me to;

  • Work at his language school, and not at the University as I’d dared hope.
  • Do an unpaid 90-minute trial class.
  • Do the worst possible shifts, finishing 3 hours’ of teaching at 9pm.

After kicking myself for agreeing at our meeting on the arrangement, I found a way to back out gracefully. Without ( I think ) him losing face. But it’s another bridge burned.

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