‘…just for one day’?

In an emerging pattern of back-peddling, I’ve returned to Moonstone Apartments, Van Kiep St after 3 months in North Nha Trang.

This after the traffic noise and inescapable heat at Vinh Quang Aaprtments, in the North, were starting to jangle my nerves. To the extent that I’m finding myself tailing and cussing at random motorbike riders who’d had the gall to honk at me.

But it may be just for one day after I wrangled a trial run from the Moonstone owner after he offered me a ridiculous cut rate ( demand is down ) to come back.

Van Kiep St map

So I’ve basically reversed this route showing the original move late in December.

It’s spring-time here in Nha Trang, and about to get way warmer. So, so far, the cavernous character of Van Kiep is just what I need.

But, I won’t know until after I’ve been here overnight how much it will cost in power to keep cool, and how bad the dog noise is.

So far, the traffic noise is almost non-existent, what with everyone and his dog staying home, and the living here two solid doors away from the street.

Right now, I’m pretty sure I’ll be moving on April 3, the last date rent is paid for Vinh Quang. But, as always, watch this space.

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