Leg 2 Finished

Now trying to relax in transit in Singapore.

Singapore Airlines is one slick operation. Flights arrive and leave on time. Flight attendants fashioned from magazines are more than decorative.

Thanks to covid, there were no other passengers within sneezing distance, so I spread myself over three seats.

My vapes got through in cabin baggage.

The only downside of the trip was a 4-year-old screaming throughout. Seriously, they should ban under-5s from all but designated trips. That way the rest of the populace wouldn’t have to suffer from one parent’s idiocy. Said parent was bottle-feeding milk to the little monster before boarding, just to make it suitably wired. Sheesh.

Whining aside, leg 3 to Auckland starts in 2 hours. Nine hours plus, and two meals.

I’m armed with eggs and sardines.

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