Some minor discipline road-bumps over the last week or two threw up this gem.

In the contest of the Dweebs, student vs. teacher, my vote goes to the student who authored the gem at left. When I busted him for the third time watching youtube videos in class, I exiled him to a lonely chair, and set him to writing out lines. Fifty of them.

Late in the class, I sidled over to find out how he was getting on. He said he’d almost finished, and handed me to sheet you see. Without looking at it, I told him to go back to his seat, and concentrate on classwork.

On checking later, I see that he’d not only taken the 50 target seriously, he’d numbered his lines. Unbelievable!

My contract says I’m obliged to maintain class discipline. I assume that means that the school honchos wouldn’t be happy to find my students playing tag, or wrestling, or playing video games in class. Or talking over the teacher.

A week or two back, I’d taken the Sledgehammer approach, and started banishing students to the corridor. This was working well, until….

One day the H.O.D poked his head into a classroom and demanded a word. What was ________ doing in the hallway? He’d been asked to leave temporarily after continually talking over me during class. Annoying for me, and impossible for the other students to concentrate.

Apparently that form of maintaining order is unacceptable, because the school director does not like to see fee-paying students languishing in the hallways.

I was to find other methods. Now I have it…. lines! Straight out of the 1950s, but it seems to be working.

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