On My Way

The heat, the traffic, and the dogs have won out, and I’m on my way to a new apartment May 3.

The new apartment is about 2 km down the road, and is closer to the town centre, the beach, and the school.

The new apartment is smaller ( three rooms – bedroom/living room/kitchen, tiny balcony, and bathroom ), but is cheaper, at $3.2 million VND/month ( ABOUT $225 nzd ).

The Heat

Coming into summertime, the heat is becoming hard to handle. Here at 25 Quang Duc, the only room with air-conditioning is the bedroom. Where I’d rather not spend the entire day.

The Traffic

The new place is just enough off the beaten track, so that ( I hope ) I’ll no longer be bombarded with vehicle horns. As I am here, mornings around 7am – 8.30 a.m., lunchtime, and from about 4.30 pm to 7pm. The rest of the day it’s only every few minutes.

The Dogs

Here there are dozens of local dogs which need professional help. A quick bullet would also work. At almost any time, somewhere close or within hearing distance, one of these will be doing it’s nut.

It’s gotten to me. The new place is surrounded by a few less dwellings, so I’m hoping this improves.

I’ve put a deposit on the new place, and committed to a month. If it doesn’t work, I have a couple of back-up plans ( bolt-holes ).

Alea jacta est.

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  1. O’Neill! There is only so much a man can take of annoying noises from dogs and cars, and women..ops delete that last one. Hopefully you find more peace in your new digs, the aircon only in the bedroom thing seems like a bit of inconvenience.
    Good news from here..stage 4 lockdown has been downgraded to level 3. ( stage 4 is still in shock over its demotion) Apparantly we’ve pretty much beaten up that ol chinese virus and sent it packing, no fry rice included.
    I actually quite liked level 4, it was so peaceful…driving on the road seeing only a couple of cars, pottering around the garden, putting some homebrew down, doing some baking. Domestic goddess in the making, me.
    Some other folks pent up in appartments I can understand getting a bit urksome( is that a werd?). Especially with no takeaways allowed. You should have seen the line of loosers queued up at McDonalds today, I wanted to wind the window down and shout at them. Dont they know theyre infecting themselves with McD virus which attacks your body and your mind. It may be too late for these people.
    Good news, one is allowed to fish off the beach, so looking forward to some fresh seafood either from my neighbour or myself.
    Was able to get some fresh roasted congo coffee beans today, a nice change from the supermarket ones( not too bad tho), yo’ll be glad to hear. The guy who roasts the beans at the mount has been on a keto diet, you know the one. Fats but no sugars or carbs i think and plenty veges. He looks unbelievably good, like new man!
    Well thats all for now

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