Out of the Frying pan ….

Cairns police are on the lookout for a middle-aged hobo after the man was seen barefoot , dragging his belongings behind him in sweltering 30 ° C  afternoon heat.

Police say they have made enquiries with local mental health facilities, but no leads were forthcoming.

The man was described by passersby as European, of slight build, and dressed in grey shorts and a white t-shirt.   Witnesses say the man was hauling a large suitcase, and was later seen carrying boxes. He appeared  to be disorientated.

However, police say he does not present any threat to the public.

Update 6 pm

The man has since been located in an inner-city bed and breakfast.  Others at the location said he was cheerful, well-fed , and quiet.

They include

  • a Russian man, who gave his name as Anton, and has been stranded in Australia after leaving Auckland for a holiday in Sydney.
  • a Frenchwoman, Camille, known as a sailing enthusiast, formerly of Whangarei.
  • a young German, Peter.
  • an Australian in his late 30s, who spent some years in South-East Asia as a teacher, and who is in Cairns after some months in Weipa.
  • An Asian man named ‘Ben’.

The residence is known as a popular budget stop for visitors to Cairns, and is located about 1.5 km from the city centre and waterfront.

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  1. ‘He appeared to be disorientated’ , hahah sounds about right.
    I’m glad to know he found his destination. And hope that none of his goods were lost during the journey.

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