As you might know, I’m sometimes prone to recklessness on  two wheels.

Being a slow learner, I continue to take the occasional ‘shortcut’ in the quest to get from A to B pronto.

In that spirit, yesterday I found myself using the U-turn lane for , er, purposes not recommended. And found myself facing an oncoming ute, travelling slowly, driver with his right arm resting outside the door.

We were both travelling slowly, so there was no near-accident.

But I did get a smile out of the driver’s reaction – “maaate”, he says quietly, holding my gaze, and  without  even a hint of rancour. And he was on his way.

What a difference from back home, where I’ve been yelled at, sworn at, and  honked at by motorists who think they’re cops.  Affronted at having to share the road.

Here they call you “maate”,  watch for cyclists, and often  stop at intersections to let us second-class “motorists” cross.


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