Pattaya Reconnaissance

After getting sent home from work, I decided a road-trip to Pattaya was in order.

I’m calling it Due Diligence.

Diligence for a solid job prospect in Pattaya. The work would be at private schools, across two locations – Aksorn Thepprasit, ( three days / week ) and Aksorn Suksa ( two days ) schools.

I got sent home from work after turning up to find the office lights off, and a small gaggle of Thai teachers sitting around eating breakfast. No-one told me the holidays started yesterday, as usual.

While the original plan had been to throw the dice and move to Vietnam to look for work, this Pattaya prospect has come up as the ‘safe’ option.

So following are some pros and cons of the Pattaya gig;


  • the pay is a little better, 40k Baht v. the current 37k. Most of that would be swallowed in higher rental prices.
  • it’s a private school, run under Government rules. These have a reputation for being better managed, and less corrupt.
  • The school’s appearance   is much more modern, which hopefully translates to better teaching and management practices. Student fees are likely higher, thus more motivated students.
  • From a telephone interview, there would be easy access to a Native English Speaking manager.
  • I would be much less of a curiosity in Pattaya. I rarely see old English-speaking blokes here in Rayong. As one such, I get a little more attention from the Natives than I like. In contrast, on a quick visit to a supermarket in Pattaya, I ran across at least a dozen old blokes. More often than not, with that bronzed, wizened look which is the telltale sign of a long-stayer. Granted, one or two were still ghostly Poms, and there was even one guy wearing sandals and socks .
  • After nearly 6 months, and having picked up a little Thai language, managing day-to-day is much easier here now than it was.
  • It’s the safe bet, and another x months on my CV.


  • IF the job is offered, and I take it, it would involve another Visa trip to Savannakhet. From research thus far, avoiding a 16-hour bus trip ( each way ) is wildly expensive. This is a biggie.
  • It was a warm day, but even so, Pattaya seems hotter and more humid than Rayong.
  • Working in two locations. They’re only about 8km apart, but it’s still more of a logistical challenge.
  • Passing up the opportunity for further adventure, and challenge, and better salaries in Vietnam.

I find out on the 15th whether I get the job offer or not. Until then, I’m in a sort of decision limbo. It’s the term-end holidays. Not  knowing the job outcome is messing up my poor decision-making abilities  on where to take myself.

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