Some good news

With the decision to hunker down in Nha Trang, I had been kicking myself over the professional suicide note.

Which was sent to the school on booking my tickets back to NZ, and to the effect that I wouldn’t be in Vietnam when school returned. Hence ‘please accept my resignation blah blah’

Yesterday the English department Head asked for the return of the textbooks. I seized on the ( slim ? ) chance to connive my job back,  and was told I should email the All-Powerful ( i.e. HR ).

Which I did, wearing a tie ( kidding ), and putting my best tactful foot forward.

To which the All-Powerful replied this morning, that yes, my position was still open for me, and I’d be told when students were returning to school! Bejabbers.

It seems that the backing of said Head Teacher, and the school principal, helped. Although I’m unsure what I did to deserve that, beyond an observation class which I’d assumed had been a flat-out flop.

So we’re back to the waiting game.

In other news, I’ve so far managed to put into credit, useable until March 2021, the Air New Zealand flight from Sydney to Whangarei. I’m still trying to finagle refunds / credits for the other two flights, CXR -> DAD, and DAD -> SYD.

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