Station to Station

I finally got the energy to haul my sad self out of the WiangWalee, and into new digs.

Goodbye WiangWaLee

The staff at the WWL are lovely, the rooms not so much. I moved twice, occupying three different rooms over 5 days, because things kept going tits up. Things like the electricity in the case of the first unit, and the air-conditioning in the second. Try sleeping sometime in 30+ deg C heat, and you’ll feel my pain. Two of those shifts were after 10 p.m., when I was so harried and bug-eyed ( that I braved talking to reception. Which is a trial, especially over the phone, because most of them had ZERO English. There was only one woman who had a half-decent grasp of English, and she was in another building.

The location was good, midway between Rayong City, and work, and not too far from the beach. But I was kept awake by the Boeing 737 air-conditioning unit in the room, and that was the final straw.

Hello The Most

So now I’m at The Most, a little further away from the School, but closer to both the centre of Town, and Seang Chan Beach. It also has

  • Quiet air-conditioning
  • A kettle and microwave down the hallway
  • A big fridge
  • A decent-sized clothes wardrobe.

So, here til I get my act together, and find a monthly rental. Rental here 500 b. / night. Probably monthly rental 4000 b. – 7000 b.

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