Teacher : Registered

Apparently this document means I’m now a registered teacher. In Thailand.

I think this is the second-to-last hoop I have to jump through in the Byzantine Thai bureaucracy.

The last isn’t so much bureaucracy as it is the school giving itself, and its students, an ‘out’.  In case a teacher suddenly begins sniffing glue in the classroom.for example.

That is the student review, due after three months. I passed the 3-month mark yesterday, as did most other NES teachers who began this term.

I’m not sure how much of a formality this is. I have heard dark whisperings about somebody who failed the student review, but that’s only hearsay.

As with many other goings-on at the school, one does one’s best with the murky information forthcoming, and keeps one’s head down.

It seems to be working thus far.


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