The Duck or the Egg?

I manage to share some light and laughter in at least one realm of my life here in Thailand.

That’s at the 7-11s ( that’s a dairy to you in NZ ) , where I practise my kindergarten Thai on the shop assistants. They most often greet my attempts with a slyish grin. They’re both chuffed that I’m trying, and laughing at me at the same time.

The other day I discovered salted duck eggs, after a fellow teacher tipped me off
After wolfing down my first 4-pack in a day or two, next time I went into a ‘Se-When’ ( 7-11 ) , I asked for ‘bpet’ ( duck ) ‘kai’ ( eggs ). Funny look. Assistant points to duck eggs. I nod vigorously.

‘Chai chai ( yes yes ). Bpet kai?’.

‘Kai bpet,’ she corrects.

So it turns out I’d been asking for ‘duck eggs’, when I should have been asking for ‘eggs duck’.

I’m left to ponder how a NZ shop assistant would handle a request for an ‘egg duck’.

Whatever the case, these things are the business. Bright orange yokes, as you see above, and salted just right.

Hope they have ’em in ‘Nam.

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