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[Thai receptionist at The Most] La de da, almost done my nails again. Is that the second or third time today? Let’s see ‘Neung …. er… saawng … saam well golly. Nearly time for another caffeine frosty anyway. I wonder if I should check Facebook to see whether Supachai has seen my latest post. It was this awesome meme… Oh, sh*t. Here’s that angry red-faced Farang again. He always tries to make me think, with his Google Translate app. I hate that. So I just smile and shrug.
So there he was again, complaining about a flooded bathroom. He kept wanting me to see it. I just told him the technician would be there by 8. He kept trying to say something about work. Well, he wouldn’t go away, so I had to phone the boss.
So the boss said to give him a new room. Now the Farang is back and angrier. …says that’s flooded too. I just gave him another set of keys, and he went away.

Good, now he’s gone, what’s Supachai saying. Oh …. lol.

[Angry Farang ] Bugger this. No sleep, and a flooded bathroom. And when I go see the receptionist she just smiles and shrugs. I need a shave and a wash, and I have half an hour to get work. Hard to explain all this to a blank smile with a translator app. I’m moving out. As soon as I get through the day of work.

I’m now at Bedroom 77, about 500m away. Got through another day of teaching. More on that last later.

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