My third swim today in Rayong, and first day I didn’t break into a sweat going outside. So I thought I use the excuse to post a couple of pix showing the oceanside.

Saeng Chan Beach

These below were taken at Saeng Chan beach. On that day, a full tide, and scant wind, meant it was flat and pond-like. There are be 30-40 pairs of the groynes you see along a 3-km stretch of the oceanside, creating maybe 30 separate small swimming holes maybe 50 – 80 metres across. You can see the effect on the map above, giving the beach a ‘serrated’ or saw-like appearance.

Today, by contrast, was gusty, and the tide was out, so it was far from pond-like. Still, good for a quick wallow and a few attempted body-surfs.

I also noticed today that the beaches here are quite badly littered. As the tide washes up, there’s an ugly and obvious sprinkling of mostly plastic ( parts of bottles mainly ), and rubber. Ugh!

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