Bucket List

Ain’t it amazing how fast a change in POV can change everything?

A friend on messenger yesterday jolted me out of whingeing jag quick-smart, with this

Think big picture man…you are living a bucket list right now

And he’s right. It’s stinking warm, I have plenty to eat, I’m not in lockdown, and I have my own apartment and bike. I can almost earn enough online for rent + food. And I get to explore an exotic culture a world away from cold old NZ.

This in reply to me fretting about passing up a chance to save $100 NZD / month on rent. The cheaper place ( “covid-19 discount” said the manager ) had its downsides.

It’s three rooms only – 1) bedroom/living room/kitchen 2) bathroom 3) balcony. But lack of cooking gear & furniture, a construction site on the doorstep, and inertia ( AKA laziness ) meant I stayed put. For another month at the Vinh Quang, where I have been all year.

There comes a point where living cheaply has to take a back seat to living comfortably. And there’s not much to be gained by being miserable while I’m here. I can do that soon enough at home.

On that note, I’m getting slightly more adventurous when it comes to food. This time of year the heat is getting harder to manage. Thus, below is one remedy I tried today. It works well enough.

Juicy coconut, hydration weapon – ~=1 NZD

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