Money, money, money

Three down, none to go, as far as the refunds from the cancelled trip back home.

I’ve just gotten off the phone with a friendly American, who talked Nervous Neil here through the process of applying for the refund for the DADKULSYD leg.

It may take a coupla / few weeks, but it seems that I’m likely to get a full refund credited to the account I paid from. This young player learned afterward that using an agent ( ) rather than the airline itself was a risky move. The jury’s out, but it seems the agent has come through.

Air New Zealand, for the final leg of the trip, SYD -> WHG, was the easiest to deal with, as you might expect. From them I have a credit to use within the next year.

Vietjet, the standard budget Vietnamese airline, was the most difficult. Note to self – Learn some more damn Vietnamese before this whole caper is over.

So it’s all far from signed, sealed, and delivered. But it’s a weight off nervous shoulders to at least have done the legwork to have ‘in my back pocket’ the eventual trip back.

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