Carl Wyant – in memory

The late Carl Wyant was a friend.

Before he passed in 2001, he spent some months trekking up a steep hill in the stink of a northland summer to complete a manuscript, which he called Rumours From The Pit.

Carl Wyant
Carl Wyant

By that stage, 51-year-old Carl was in bad shape, due to a misspent adulthood, but nonetheless, he completed the manuscript.

Seventeen years later, another friend Buddhimanta Khan Das is working to have that manuscript published.

I am including occasional pieces of that manuscript’s contents on this site to honour and remember Carl by, and to showcase the quality of his writing.

That remembrance, for me,  has tinges of profound regret, at not having done more at the time to help him.

I can only say that me being me, I had no idea his physical state was so dire.

It’s in bad taste to go into details. Let’s just say that his passing was sudden, and that I identified the body.

All I, and you, can now learn from that is to treat our loved ones with the best care possible in the knowledge that nothing is forever.

Here’s to you, Carl Wyant.

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