Hell – smelly, not hot

Hell will be smelly , not hot as the Bible and Billy Graham tell us.

Billy Graham warns of fire and brimstone in ‘final’ book. Be wary instead of the smelly hell
Billy Graham warns of fire and brimstone in ‘final’ book . Be wary instead of the smelly hell

I surmised this today,  as I laboured to rid my whare and surrounds of bad odours.

Friends who will remain nameless had, two evenings ago, lacked enough basic nous to dump some burley in the wrong place. The wrong place in this case is a bucket full of watered-down manure ( cow shit ) for garden fertiliser.

Which itself reeked a little. Today it reeks a shitload. Conjure a scene from Lord of the Flies . Or consider an edited version of Revelations 21:8;

But as for the cowardly, the spiritless, the detestable, as for murderers, kiddie fiddlers, politicians, bankers, and all liars, their portion will swim in the lake that brims with dead fish and methane, which is the second death

For, my friends, there will be flies, hungry and swarming for vengence. There will be stench enough to set your nostrils aflame, and your stomachs a-churning. There will be no rest, for pestilence and dis-ease will linger.

For that is the judgement, yea, until ye simple yeoman rids himself of  these putrid buckets of evil, unto yon garden and river,  and thus ends The Curse.

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