Hellfire and Broomsticks

Isn’t it amazing what ‘righteous’ Christians believe, and are capable of, when they’re convinced they have the infallible Word of God on their side?

The idea is nothing new to me, or to many others, but  Sam Harris‘  The End of Faith, has rammed it home lately.

In it, Harris details some of the more “transcendent level[s] of cruelty” achieved by the Righteous in medieval Spain. Continue reading “Hellfire and Broomsticks”

Soaking It Up – Podcasts

I was lucky enough Thursday evening to meet a small cohort of extraordinary people via the friend who originally put me onto the The China Study.

I spent the evening soaking it all up, like a pup loose in a seal colony, and finding some surprising points of similarity. One of those was an interest in podcasts.

Which reminded me that I’d been meaning to write something pointing to some favourite podcasts, and a couple that were mentioned, and new to me.

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