Glorious food

First things first…

I’ve booked a flight SGN -> SIN -> AKL on September 20th.

It arrives in Auckland Sept. 21 at 0815. The suspense of it all was taking a toll, so I’ve bitten the bullet and stumped up $1100+ USD, on what I hope is good advice that the flight will more than likely get off the ground.

So that leaves 32 days, or so, to finish exploring Vietnam. And, of course, the food adventures continue. Above is the result of this morning’s haul.

I have other plans, as well, for the last days in this here tropical paradise;

  • Get this damned leg plaster removed, I’m hoping by the end of August latest. I suspect and hope that I might have recovered a little faster than doctor’s expectations. The ankle is starting to feel stronger, and is giving me less gyp day-by-day.
  • Once that’s off, get back in the briny. The sea, and riding a bike, are two things I love about Nha Trang.
  • Maybe take a 3 – 5 day trip to DaLat, the inland high altitude city which I always planned to at least visit. But that depends on this-and-that, including organising Visa.

It’s a huge relief having bought the ticket. Anything could happen in the meantime, of course, but I’m betting that the flight will get off the ground.

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  1. Hi again, wow that is cheap food! And delicious too! I find the coffee containers curious, they look like hip flasks ( Im sure theres no liquor stashed within)..interesting. I guess you add milk etc as you wish..
    Bye for now

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