Looking good

In a rare case of accidentally following official advice, I got encouraging ‘news’ today from the NZ Govt. website, safetravel.

An email pointed NZers toward the flights I’d already booked and paid for.

Which is all very promising, and is starting to look like – barring foobars on my part – I will indeed manage to get back to the Land of the Long White Cloud next month.

Following is the guts of it, Trev;

Kia Ora New Zealanders

For those of you who are wishing to return to New Zealand, Singapore Airlines have announced that they are now operating from both HCMC and Ha Noi with flights via Singapore to Auckland. New Zealand has restrictions on the number of passengers that can travel into Auckland, therefore seat availability on each flight is limited.

For departure from HCMC, the best connection would be on the following flights:

HCMC to Singapore:

SQ177 on every Sunday, departing HCMC at 12.30pm local time, and arriving Singapore on the same day at 3.30pm local time.

Singapore to Auckland:

SQ285 on every Sunday, departing Singapore at 6.40pm local time, and arriving Auckland on the next day at 8.15am local time (9.15am from 27 September 2020 due to daylight saving time).

In other return news, today I booked tickets from Nha Trang to Saigon for September 19, the day before I leave Vietnam. In a turnout for the books, I successfully managed to use credit from the cancelled April flight to pay for 90% of this new plane trip.

Whoop whoop! Seems I might finally be getting a tenuous handle on this travelling business…

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