Happy Days

The blessed day came today, and I’m now a plaster-free zone.

A week or so earlier than schedule, too! An x-ray at the hospital prompted a smile from the doctor – the ankle was 70% healed, he says.

Henry’s Vietnamese, and my best attempt at a winsome look must’ve turned the tables, and he gave the green light.

This means I’ll be able to have a normal shower, without all the palaver of keeping the leg dry, and I’ll be able to go swimming.

Things are looking up for my final month here in the Socialist Republic.

2 Replies to “Happy Days”

  1. Hi, good news to have the plaster gone, scratch way to your heart’s content!
    ‘Old on…am I missin sumfin reginald, in the one photo your left leg has the damage, then in the ava its the right leg.
    Are you pullin the ol sheepskin geeza?

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