Headed Home

After at least two weeks of silence, and dithering, and daily, if not hourly, flip-flops, I’ve pulled the trigger.

I’m coming home.

I’ve been chewing off the ear of several good friends of late ( you know who you are ), and had lots of good advice. The most telling piece of which was ‘follow your heart’.

Hence the clip below from the late, great, widely-despised * stars of the early 80s. Directed at three young women in particular.

I’m due to get on a plane in Da Nang, Vietnam, on Saturday April 4, arriving in Sydney Sunday April 5.

Now to book the other three or so plane tickets.


I’ve put some thought into why this might be. One of the reasons is principal Mark Knopfler’s “I’m a rock-star” shtick. You can hear it raise its head in the above clip with his between-verse asides of ‘alright’…

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