Jumping through hoops

Far from do what thou wilt, do what you must is more like a traveller’s credo.

That’s been a big part of what I’ve learned on this 15-month jaunt.

Which is a long-winded way of explaining that a couple of boxes have been ticked;

  • I laid hands on My Precious, my passport, this morning, freshly stamped and keeping me out of trouble here for another month, until October 1.
  • The HR Dept of the school I worked for returned – with their seal of approval – the document I need to claw back my expenses from the bike accident. Now I only have two more hoops to jump before getting that pot of gold –
    1. Go to the school and pick up the original, paper version
    2. Post it with a wad of other documents worthy of a lawyer – to Hanoi

It’s all very wearying. But easy enough to convince myself to do it when I ponder the sad truth that it’s worth 60 hours of online teaching.

Alea jacta est

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