Mortal Engines

A small mobile city recently delayed my entrance to the school of a morning.

It was a case of truth being stranger than the fiction of the movie Mortal Engines

For those who haven’t had the privilege, here’s that movie’s plot summary. Cities are mobile monoliths on wheels. The larger ones swallow the smaller. The mayor of the city ( Hugo Weaving ) of London is marauding about swallowing everything it can in a bid for world domination.

So when the school hired a fleet of buses to move students to wherever, it felt the need to hire the mobile cities above.

It’s anyone’s guess what these cost, but it’s a fairly safe bet that they’re paying top dollar for the above cities, complete with gargoyles and decorations.

And never mind any consideration of a budget, or the state of the roads. By the latter, I mean that many of the roads here could be mistaken for alleyways back home. They’re narrow, uneven, often paved with cracked concrete and bumps aplenty.

Which means that the monsters above are about the least practical form of transport one could use for Thailand roads.

But never mind all that. It’s the same syndrome as a former ( Indian ) flatmate who owned an Audi, but couldn’t afford to buy gas – appearances count for more than reality.

One day he ran out of gas at home, and tried to jump-start the car. It was an automatic.

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