The Howling

For the first time since the June 18th bike accident, I took my carcass for a ‘run’.

And belying the Sympathy Chorus from the local stray dogs, it really wasn’t that painful.

Maybe it was chow time at the nearby monastery ( circa 5pm ), and the strays were harmonising with the bells.

Maybe they were singing for their supper. It’s more than likely a regular occurrence. Rayong is a little like Hunger City – 70,000 people-oids, and maybe half as many stray dogs.

These¬† dogs aren’t the mangy specimens you might expect – they’re lean, muscular, survival machines. You could go 10-pin bowling with their balls. They’ll be out in force at dawn, likely because that’s when the roadside stalls fire up their bbq’s. During the heat of the day, they’ll be lying around in gangs under the nearest shade. Come dusk / dinnertime, they’re back on the prowl.

Oh, and the run?¬† Not too bad for the longest effort since the accident. No pain. I’ll be under 50 mins for 5k in no time….

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