Moving Up In the World

I’ve moved up in the world – literally, but not figuratively.

After a manic shotgun method of due diligence looking for new digs for the next month, I moved. Up one floor, from 401 to 501.

So, still at Old Faithful 25 Quảng Đức, Vĩnh Hải, Thành phố Nha Trang, etc.

It’s the first place I stayed in Nha Trang. I like it for many reasons. Among them;

  • its cheap at 4.5m VND ~= $USD 194 / month.
  • The management is good. The day manager is a lovely young woman, always smiling, and ready to at least listen to annoying requests from neurotic foreigners ( me ). They supplied, on request, a hotplate, and more importantly, a rice cooker. This second doubles very nicely as a Crockpot. Roll on the everlasting chicken stews.
  • It’s close to the beach. Two – three minutes. No excuse to miss an afternoon wade & paddle.
  • It’s smack in the middle of two big markets – Vinh Hai, and, er, the other one. Fresh veges, home-made produce ( I’m ‘studying’ Vietnamese rice cakes at the moment ). Non-processed meats – get there early enough, and most of the flies are still asleep.

The list could go on, but here’s my thinking for moving up s floor:

Two reasons mainly – 1) the huge immoveable bed in room 401 was in an awkward place .2) I’ll be another floor up, so a) further from road & dog noise b ) able to see more c ) get more breeze. If I leave my door slightly ajar I can get a cooling gale blowing down the corridor on a good day.

The downside is that it’s a long way ( 15-20 minutes’ ride ) from work. It’s a lifestyle compromise I’m willing to make, for now.

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