School’s out…

“If there’s a war on, I’m sure someone will tell me.”

So C.S.Lewis once said, and I’d until yesterday mostly followed his fine attitude of wilful ignorance, a refusal to let the noise of the fray interfere with the signal of living.

That was when the head teacher at the school texted me to say the school was closed for the week because of the coronavirus.

As you see because you diligently followed the link above ( ahem ), the seventh case of the virus has now been confirmed in Vietnam.

Worse, its three main centres include Khanh Hoa province, whose capital is – you guessed it – Nha Trang.

Instead of today, school is now scheduled to start the new term February 10. So instead of standing in fronting of 20+ half-awake teens willing and eager students, I’ll be sitting on my arse.

But all is not lost. I have a couple of fallbacks, mostly earning some money online.

And then – just maybe – I might check the news once in a while.

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