On The Move

I decided to stay in Nadi, and am on my way to another ‘burb, Votualevu, on Wednesday.

It’s about 3 km away as the crow flies from here inĀ  Namaka.

The month-long stay here wasn’t cheap, but the apartment has everything I’ve needed, and it’s been a good central base, with nearby shops.

The place I’m headed to is a little rural, but I’m told buses are good, and I liked the house owner when we met a few days ago.

As luck would have it, last night I got a good offer for a flash apartment in Lautoka for $650 FJD / month, and all the modcons. I’d ruled Lautoka out, because the only nearby beaches involved a boat ride.

But I may be thinking again after a couple of weeks out in the countryside with no air-conditioning.

We shall see.

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