Out of the Woods

It seems good things, as well as bad, come in threes.

And good things came yesterday in the form of news.

No chop-chop

First, the hospital doctor who originally treated me told that I was in no danger of losing ( to amputation )  the injured leg or foot. Yes, it would have been an extreme outcome, but Mr. Neurotic over here worries about such things.

The Thai doctor showed a lot of grace and patience in explaining the situation in [ good enough ] English to this farang.

Along the way, I learned that it seems (m)any Thai public service interfaces – e.g. Hospital waiting rooms, consulates, police clearance check  – operate with all the order of savannah watering holes . But despite that, they work, in a clunky kind of way, based often on numbered paper chits, as opposed to our more familiar electronic systems.

Police Clearance

Som, AKA God

Anyway, all that aside, I also got back the rersults of the Thai police clearance check on did way back on May 27th.  I didn’t insist on sighting it myself but was told by English Teachers’ sorceress Som  ( a.k.a ‘God’ when it comes to anything bureaucratic ) that it was all fine. Sometimes it’s best not to question God.

So that’s one more step along the long and winding road of getting my teacher’s .. permit ( ? ), clearance( ? ).

Time Off

The above Som had ordered me to get a doctor’s certificate during the follow-up. Of course, that started more fretting about what mysterious bureaucratic machinations may be afoot.

On being asked, the doctor originally wanted to stipulate something like two months’ ( or was it 6? ) rest. But when I explained to him that that would probably leave me jobless and on a plane back home, he reconsidered. We settled on two weeks (  from date of accident 19th June to July 3 ).

When I got back to the office with that, a co-worker, Janet, explained that the school takes doctor’s certficates seriously. I would be fine taking the directed rest, and paid. Janet is a Filipino who has been at the school foreever, and whose English is as good as  ( better than many   ) a native speaker’s. So I’m betting she can be relied upon.

So, I now have about five days to get the foot ( much more ) right. I’ll also be using the time to do schoolwork via Google Classroom.



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