Splash Out

I hoped a wallow in the surf at Mae Rampehung beach today might turn a corner for the infected leg and bike accident wounds.

They cleaned out, but a few hours later are as swollen as before. Maybe it’s an overnight cure.

I had an alterior motive for going to the beach. Yesterday at Makro’s ( the King Kong of bulk food bargain stores ) I ran into a couple of English Likely Lads. They’d been in Thailand for 6 years, up North at Khon Kean.

On eyeing my cheese-laden trolley, one says he has cheaper, better cheese, which he imports in bulk. Today, I went to find out, and indeed, it was so. Blue cheese and cheddar, good quality stuff, for around the same price as back home.
Not only that, bacon galore, at bargain prices.

Meat is cheap in Thailand, and it’d be very easy to live in Pork, eggs, and fish. I almost do.

So cheap that while at Makro, I decided it was time to cash in on it. I haven’t done so already, because the only cooking equipment I have is a kettle, and microwave. So I gambled on a rice cooker, thinking that it would work like a slow cooker. And voila, perfectly slow-cooked pigs trotters last night!

A couple of days ago, I got very tired of hunting down early-opening local coffee shops. So I bought a filter coffee-maker. While it’s way better than instant, experts tell me it’s all in sourcing the good beans. So that’s next.

After pay-day this month fell on the 28th, below is an assortment of my recent extravagances.

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