Pig Skin Cake

Above are two of the latest ‘adventures in food’ as part of making a pig of myself in my last days here in the Tropics.

Yes, ‘pig skin cake’ ( a.k.a Bánh da lợn ) is indeed the name of the dessert on the right. The specimen above, I’m guessing, is made from tapioca starch.

On trying it, I was a little disappointed – it’s an almost tasteless bundle of carbs, but went down easily enough with the usual spoonful of cacao and wads of coconut cream.

On the left is another episode in chocolate-making. Pretty basic – cacao, butter, a duck egg, and coconut cream. Directions – 1) whip up ingredients. 2) stash in freezer.

Works a treat, a filling stop-gap snack with a tiny amount of sugar.

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