After the usual resistance, I bit the bullet yesterday and sent my passport through the post.

It’s a risky business, more so now that I’m due to leave Vietnam on September 20. Without my passport, I can’t go anywhere.

Grovelling and begging ( i.e. going to the local Immigration Office, emailing the NZ Embassy ), bore no fruit, which left me two choices

  • Break the Law

    .. and hope that general leniency and bribery save the day

  • Stump Up

    .. the money and the passport, and be safe as far as my Visa goes, but take the unavoidable risk of posting the passport to HCMC.

I chose the latter, with visions of being detained at airports, and so missing flights, in mind.

A Flimsy Excuse

to post a favourite oldy.

Now, there’s the usual nervous wait til my passport is safely back in hand, ETA September 7th / 8th.

Let us pray.

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