The long haul?

It’s looking like sun may have set on opportunities to return to New Zealand, so I’m hedging my bets by starting a long game.

By which I mean entrenching habits which will serve me well if my stay here continues to extend.

One of those is night-time reading, a soporific habit I’ve  let lapse since Thailand. Hence the book on the left,~3.30 NZD at a local store.

I first read it back in 1976 or such-like. Then,in my 20s, I revisited Jack London ( 1876 – 1916 ), when John Barleycorn rang a few bells.

But I digress again. It’s one of a few positive habits I;’m reintroducing. Another is the morning walk ( now hobble ), 10 minutes to the local fresh market and back. I’ve bought some cheap knick-knacks to hang clothes on to make online teaching easier, and ‘fixed’ ( propped it up with a chair ) the broken desk in the apartment.

All this and a couple of other unmnetionables after jamming up Embassy inboxes and pestering airlines offices to take me home. Please.

But for now, and at least the next month, it’s off the cards, due to airline schedules and cancellations, flight restrictions, etc, etc, The logistics would make yer head spin.

And, just as I write this, I check my email, to read this below, from the long-suffering and saintly NZ official in the Embassy in Hanoi.

I have been advised that there may be a flight on Korean Air departing later this month around 31 August, its not confirmed as yet so I will keep you posted on that. It’s likely to be around USD 2,000.
Also there may be a possibility that VN Airlines will put another flight on late this month which will go through Sydney if this is the case it may be at this time Air NZ has resumed flights from Australia, I will keep you posted of any confirmed flights.

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